Honourable Mention for Paul Biddle’s Cabinet of Curiosity in International Photography Awards 2017

I’m extremely pleased to announce my series Cabinet of Curiosity has received an Honourable Mention in the International Photography Awards 2017


Here are some of the images

You can see more of the Cabinet of Curiosity series here


Paul Biddle : Rearranging Reality solo Exhibition 21st September – 21st October 2017

I am very pleased to announce I have a solo exhibition called Rearranging Reality at Argentea Gallery, 28 St. Paul’s Square, Birmingham, B3 1RB
It runs from 21st September – 21st October 2017
There will be images from my series Cabinet of Curiosity, Fantasy Islands and Out of the Obscure.


Here are some of the images that will be on show

From Paul Biddle’s Portfolio Cabinet of Curiosity


surreal swan sisters
The Swan Sisters


mama cocha Inca godess
The Marriage of Mama Cocha

There will also be images from my series The Archipelago of Fantasy Islands


surreal depictions of Islands by Paul Biddle Artist
Nose Island


Handy Island


surreal monochrome image of Luminous Lint
The Luminous Isle of Lint


There will also be images from my series Out of the Obscure



Mr and Mrs Jackdaw Haws


Crow Red Berry

Paul Biddle Exhibition: Dead on Arrival – Sat 23 Sep 2017 – Sun 05 Nov 2017

I’m very pleased to announce I am taking part in the Group Exhibition Dead on Arrival – the curious world of human and animal craft – Sat 23 Sep 2017 -Sun 05 Nov 2017

Main Gallery, Devon Guild of Craftsmen, Riverside Mill, Bovey Tracey, Devon TQ13 9AF


I shall be showing 7 images from my Cabinet of Curiosity series


An exhibition of national and international artists/makers whose practice involves the use of ethically-sourced, human or animal remains. The work will show a depth of practice and will feature works of jewellery, sculpture, textiles, taxidermy and photography.

surreal,cabinet of curiosity showing the Moth Tree and Distillation and The Camel Bird
Triptych framed in renaissance type frames of the Moth Tree, Distillation and the Camel Bird


surreal cabinet of curiosity with birds legs
Travelling Cabinet of Curiosity


The Languid Lady Lepidoptera


The Deception of Turnips

The Deception of Turnips is a new image in my ongoing series The Paranoia of Fruit and Vegetables. It was shot on 4″x 5″ Fuji Velvia film in a single exposure on a Sinar P2 camera.

The Deception of Turnips by Paul Biddle Artist

First of all I constructed the set and painted it with ultramarine pure artists pigment. It gives an intense and super saturated colour and as it is matt it takes the light perfectly. I made an overall under exposed exposure with an overhead studio flash and then used fibre optics to paint the set with light in a painterly manner. You have to leave the shutter open and paint with light in total darkness in the studio and once you have tried it a few times you become used to the technique. I have been using this technique on some of my images for over 20 years if I feel it is needed to enhance a particular image.

I was inspired by 17th century Dutch and Spanish still life painting because I loved the way these painters used light to add magic in their work. Much of my still-life lighting technique has been inspired by these artists. The three flies were added after the image was shot in Photoshop because of the difficulty in training real flies to sit still for long exposures.

Google images of 17th century paintings

You can see more of the seres here


Shadow and Light Magazine Paul Biddle showcase portfolio

I’m so pleased to share this – a Showcase Portfolio of my images is in the latest Shadow and Light Magazine. The theme is Compography which I think is an excellent word coined by Tim Anderson, the Editor. It rolls off the tongue and at last I will have an answer when people ask me what I do – I shall say I’m a Compographer.


Here is an extract from the article in Shadow and Light:

I think most photographers paint with light in one way or another. I always wanted to be a painter but my drawing was terrible,which is why I switched to photography – it did the drawing for me. If I can make a photograph by setting it up for real, by arranging the objects in a set or on location, I will because it tends to sit better that way. Often I will physically paint the backgrounds and sets or even the objects themselves. If I can’t shoot it all in one go, I will do anything to make it happen especially using Photoshop which I have been learning for over 20 years. I often assemble a collection of such items and then experiment to find the perfect juxtaposition of composition, form and colours – what I think of as playtime.

Here are a few of the images in the Shadow and Light magazine  showcase

on my work:

A photograph by Paul Biddle from his Fruit and Vegetables portfolio
Still Life with Thief
Letterhead is a photograph from Paul Biddle's Library of Letters portfolio
Man in Jug with Fish on his head


You can see more images at:    https://paulbiddle.com