Shadow and Light Magazine Paul Biddle showcase portfolio

I’m so pleased to share this – a Showcase Portfolio of my images is in the latest Shadow and Light Magazine. The theme is Compography which I think is an excellent word coined by Tim Anderson, the Editor. It rolls off the tongue and at last I will have an answer when people ask me what I do – I shall say I’m a Compographer.

Here is an extract from the article in Shadow and Light:

I think most photographers paint with light in one way or another. I always wanted to be a painter but my drawing was terrible,which is why I switched to photography – it did the drawing for me. If I can make a photograph by setting it up for real, by arranging the objects in a set or on location, I will because it tends to sit better that way. Often I will physically paint the backgrounds and sets or even the objects themselves. If I can’t shoot it all in one go, I will do anything to make it happen especially using Photoshop which I have been learning for over 20 years. I often assemble a collection of such items and then experiment to find the perfect juxtaposition of composition, form and colours – what I think of as playtime.

Here are a few of the images in the Shadow and Light magazine  showcase

on my work:

A photograph by Paul Biddle from his Fruit and Vegetables portfolio
Still Life with Thief
Letterhead is a photograph from Paul Biddle's Library of Letters portfolio
Man in Jug with Fish on his head


You can see more images at: