Paul Biddle Awarded Fine Art Portfolio Gold in Tokyo International Foto Awards 2016

I’m incredibly pleased to share the news that I have been awarded a Gold in the Fine Art Portfolio Category in the Tokyo International Foto Awards 2016 for my Cabinet of Curiosity series. The exhibition will take place in Tokyo at the end of February from 24th-28th, 2017.

From Paul Biddle's Portfolio Cabinet of Curiosity
Incubation From Paul Biddle’s Portfolio Cabinet of Curiosity

I would like to thank the Judges and Organisers for giving me this opportunity to show my work in Japan.

Here is a link to see my Portfolio

Having been fascinated with Japan’s Art and Culture for many years, I would so like to go and see the exhibition.

About TIFA :

TOKYO INTERNATIONAL FOTO AWARDS mission is to recognise, reward and expose talented photographers from around the world and introduce them to the creative community in Japan.

You can see more of The Cabinet of Curiosity series by clicking the link

Author: PaulBlog6

The fine art photography of Paul Biddle displays a highly original and creative approach to image making. He is an award winning surrealist photographer whose work has gained the respect of his contemporaries for creating imaginative and playful pictures of the highest technical standards. Many are shot and composed "in camera" in the studio. These images are sometimes inspired by found objects from nature or junk shops or start with a drawing and then a search to find objects to fit the idea. They are then brought to life through his exquisite capturing of light, form, surface and space and his thought provoking juxtapositions. Paul's other way of working is to use objects that he photographs in museums and other places which he then assembles using digital compositing techniques in Photoshop. His passion is for making images: photography is the medium he works with and he believes in understanding the technique so that it becomes transparent and lets the image shine through.

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